Nielsen Rhiza

Tell a Winning Story Every Time

Today, more than ever, media professionals require an easy-to-use, elegant and efficient tool to plan, buy and sell media more effectively. They need a tool that will create compelling media stories with just a few clicks to drive their business forward. Nielsen Rhiza, is that tool.

Nielsen Rhiza is a web-based analysis tool that helps bring Nielsen data to life. Rhiza’s technology brings together powerful data sets and intuitive visualizations. This solution is key for local agencies, audio and television clients as it empowers them to save time and make smarter decisions, faster.

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Bring your data to life with eye-catching presentations

Whether you’re a media seller, advertiser or agency, Rhiza provides the tools to demonstrate your business’ value by creating eye-catching presentations. Using the Rhiza platform, you can create dashboards and visualizations that source from multiple Nielsen datasets, update automatically, and win you business.

Nielsen Scarborough

Nielsen Scarborough analyzes and provides insights to consumer media patterns shopping behaviors, lifestyles and demographics across the U.S.

Nielsen Local Voter Ratings

Nielsen Local Voter Ratings combines Nielsen currency television and audio ratings with a variety of segmentation systems. Nielsen updates this data monthly with currency ratings for TV at the station, daypart and program levels and by station and format for audio. Powered by Rhiza, voter data is brought to life with charts, graphs and mapping at state, congressional and legislative district levels.

AggData Retail Store Locations

AggData offers localized lists of retail chain locations that are extracted from primary sources and updated regularly. AggData clients have access to the more than 4,500 individual datasets that provides business locations.

Polk Automotive

Polk Automotive data, in partnership with IHS Markit, offers a comprehensive picture of car sales in the U.S. by combining registration data, localized registration, dealer information and demographics about auto buyers.

Ad Intel

Ad Intel tracks ad spend across multiple online and offline media platforms, allowing clients to identify opportunities to accurately focus their campaign efforts.

Nielsen Local TV Viewership Data

Nielsen Local TV data provides access to quarter-hour and program ratings from all measured Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs). This data tells clients who viewers are to help them make more informed choices about ad buys from stations, agencies and advertisers.

Nielsen Audio Listening Data

Nielsen Audio measures listening throughout the top 48 portable people meter (PPM) markets, and more than 225 diary markets. Nielsen Audio data provides listener demographics, daypart, and respondent level county level or ZIP code analysis to help clients make smarter buying decisions.

Custom Data Import Options

Custom data import harnesses the power of your proprietary data. Use the same Rhiza capabilities on your CSV-formatted datasets and pull proprietary insights side-by-side with Nielsen data.

Demonstrate Your Value With Stunning Visuals

Interested in creating customized insights but you’re not a PhD-level researcher? No problem. Nielsen Rhiza makes it easy for anyone to create powerful, customized insights that demonstrate the reach of any and all media type among unique segments in key trade areas. With a few simple clicks, salespeople can create compelling stories for top categories like automotive, finance, furniture, grocery, health care, home improvement, political, restaurants, retail, telecommunication and travel.

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