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Looking to understand consumer media trends in Atlanta, Wichita, Spokane, or any other locality in the country? Need a national perspective on consumer shopping habits? How about insights on consumer attitudes, health care behaviors or special customer segments? Maybe just a quick statistic or two about a particular business? Unlock insights into these trends and much more with Nielsen Scarborough’s qualitative local market research.

For over 40 years, Nielsen Scarborough has surveyed local consumers across the U.S., capturing an array of insights that help our clients tackle marketing and media challenges. Whether you’re involved in the planning, buying or selling of advertising, or responsible for brand strategy, Nielsen Scarborough insights give you the power to expand business, create effective marketing strategies and, ultimately, achieve your business and marketing goals.

Scarborough local insights

Knowing the unique behaviors of your customers will give you a better understanding of the marketplace and your competitors, so you can develop strategies that highlight your strengths and reach the right clientele. With Nielsen Scarborough, you can examine consumer habits in areas such as:


Nielsen Scarborough local market measurement

Nielsen Scarborough has been measuring media, retail and lifestyle habits on a national and local level for more than 40 years. Each year, we survey over 200,000 individuals across the U.S.. Survey methodologies vary by local market with measurement tactics including phone interviews, survey booklets, television diaries and internet surveys. To learn more about the specific methodology employed in your market, contact your local Nielsen representative.

Consumer insights

Across the U.S., consumer demographics are changing—quickly. You need to know who your consumer is, as well as their unique behaviors and what motivates them. Nielsen Scarborough’s consumer insights provide the detailed knowledge you need to understand today’s evolving consumers, no matter your market or industry.

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Know your local U.S. market

Get to know the locals using our Local Market Insights Studies. More than just geography, localism is about being able to understand the unique shopping, media, and lifestyle behaviors of people in the places they call home. These studies allow you to dive deep into local market-specific brands and media choices to create programs that will move your local audiences to action.

Reach Hispanic markets

Hispanics are a rapidly growing consumer group. Understand this unique demographic with the actionable insights delivered by Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic Market Studies analyzing local markets with the most heavily concentrated Hispanic populations. Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic market research services include the Nielsen Scarborough Local Market Hispanic Studies, as well as a Hispanic Multi-Market Study.

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Understand health care needs

Maximize your health care-specific marketing and advertising strategies with health care insights provided via the Scarborough MARS Healthcare Module. We combine in-depth health care information from Kantar Media’s MARS Consumer Healthcare Study with Nielsen Scarborough’s insights.

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Puerto Rico consumer insights

Gain deeper knowledge of Puerto Rican consumers by examining their demographics, lifestyle activities, attitudes and media consumption patterns. Evaluate consumer segments and vital advertising categories, such as automotive, shopping, technology, banking, telecommunications, fast food, fast-moving consumer goods and more. Nielsen Scarborough Puerto Rico incorporates Nielsen TV viewing data with Nielsen Audio radio audience data.

One nation 360° view

Compare your local market behavior to that of the rest of the U.S. adult population with Nielsen Scarborough’s USA+ study examining national demographics. By understanding the bigger national picture, you can identify countrywide trends and evaluate opportunities across markets. Measuring 200,000+ American consumers annually, Scarborough USA+ provides detailed insights into the day in a life of the American consumer.

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Discover consumer attitudes

No matter your industry, you need to understand what motivates consumers to watch what they watch and buy what they buy. Scarborough’s Attitudinal Module combines GfK MRI’s attitudinal data points with Scarborough’s local and national consumer insights bringing the WHY to the WHO, WHAT, HOW and WHERE.

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Find fans with sports insights

Sports fans can be extremely passionate and loyal. Learn how avid sports fans are at a local market level, as well as the demographics for major and minor league sports teams with Nielsen Scarborough’s comprehensive measurement. Understand how fans prefer to engage with their favorite sport (TV, cable, audio, social media or in-stadium), learn which teams they root for and gauge avidity from listening and viewing behaviors.  

Unlock consumer segments

Better understand your customers and prospects so you can market to them with tailored messages and products. Nielsen Scarborough’s Segmentation Systems summarize complex consumer profiles to represent key segments with catchy, memorable names. Scarborough local, regional and national datasets are encoded with most popular segmentation schemes, including PRIZM, Personicx, Mosaic and more.


Whether you want to dive into the data on your own or commission custom studies, Nielsen Scarborough’s analytics provide the tools you need to harness the power of data and move your business forward.

Prime Lingo®

Unlock the power of Scarborough with Nielsen’s user-friendly, web-based software platform, PRIME Lingo®. Developed specifically for the Scarborough datasets, PRIME Lingo® offers you the power to create your own custom reporting including cross-tabulations, media rankers, mapping, consumer profiles and trending analysis.

Custom Analytics

If you’re looking to understand how your sponsorship activities are driving brand perception, gauge your brand health, understand specific media audiences or gain a better appreciation for the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, Nielsen Custom Analytics can provide a solution built especially for you. Using Scarborough’s existing and extensive respondent base as a sampling platform, custom research projects can be conducted quickly and at a reduced cost. Layer in the ability to tie back proprietary results to the core Scarborough datasets and you’ve got powerful research.

Express Analytics

Bringing the market to life has never been faster or easier. Receive customized solutions and reporting ranging from custom data reports to PowerPoint presentations and infographics to in-depth analysis from the Scarborough Express Analytics team. Insights can be customized to a local, regional or national level and include deep dives into demographics, lifestyles, shopping patterns, retail behaviors, technology usage and media preferences.