Streaming Content Ratings

Understand Program & Episode Level Performance

Consumers today have access to more content than ever and media companies have increased opportunities to distribute their content across channels. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, platforms, studios, content creators and advertisers must understand the audiences driving consumption to inform future strategies.

Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings provides insights on the programs and episodes streamed through the TV glass, including time spent streaming and audience demographic profiles by program and episode, as well as how series releases on streaming services impact overall TV viewing behaviors. With these learnings, content creators and studios can make informed content development and distribution decisions, streaming platforms can drive acquisition and marketing strategies and media buyers and sellers can effectively monetize ad inventory.


Nielsen Streaming Content Ratings leverages Nielsen’s people-based insights, enabling users to analyze subscription and ad-supported streaming audiences alongside linear TV. The granularity of our data provides demographic information such as race/ethnicity, household income, geographic region and device types delivering the most representative, robust and reliable audience measurement available. Only Nielsen can provide clients with actionable metrics that follow audiences as they consume programming across platforms in the television ecosystem.


Which programs are most viewed via streaming platforms and how does the size of this audience compare with those of linear programming?


How many unique viewers did a streaming program or episode reach?



How do viewers across streaming platforms differ in demographics, characteristics and market breaks?


Pair with Nielsen Streaming Platform Ratings, Digital Ad Ratings and the rest of our streaming solutions across planning, activation and outcomes measurement to understand the true scale of the growing streaming ecosystem.

Drill down and gain insights into the time viewers watch streaming content, and on which platforms, using Nielsen’s panel for linear TV measurement.

Verify audiences and increase returns with deduplicated reach and frequency metrics for advertising campaigns across platforms, publishers and devices.

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