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The Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Q4 2012

1 minute read | March 2013

Updated October 15, 2013

Nielsen’s best-in-class audience measurement report provides the newest quarterly perspective on the evolution of the American consumer’s media behavior. To reflect the many modern changes in content consumption, the newest Cross-Platform Report provides expanded data in a new category, coined as “Zero-TV Households.”

Interesting facts on these special households, which did not fit Nielsen’s traditional definition of a TV household, will start to be included in our measured samples for the coming 2013-2014 season. While a limited number of U.S. homes no longer receive TV programming via a traditional platform, as much as 75 percent of these “Zero TV” homes still have TV sets they can use to watch entertainment, play games, or surf the Internet.

As Nielsen reviewed the data for this past quarter, we found that Americans, irrespective of race, ethnicity and gender, have a voracious appetite for content.

We continue to report time-shifted viewing via DVRs and video-on-demand, as well as insights on the use of computers for surfing and streaming.

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