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Powerful. Growing. Influential. The African-American Consumer

1 minute read | September 2014

The African-American woman is a trendsetter, a social maven, the head of her household, a leader in business and community. She is progressive with her thoughts on health, entertainment and diversity in advertising. She is becoming more empowered with saving, spending and investments.

Religion plays a strong role providing a foundation for her decisions and family values. Passionate about products she likes, she will share her experience with friends and family on social media and through word of mouth. She is culturally engaged and is a conscious consumer making mindful decisions on how she engages with products, brands and companies often outpacing other demographic groups.

The African-American woman offers an unparalleled opportunity for brands.

Get to know her, understand the key drivers of her purchasing habits, likes and dislikes, her preferences, behaviors and her value of culture and community.

The Essence of African-American Women Consumers

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