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Audio Today: A Focus on Black and Hispanic Audiences

1 minute read | September 2016

Radio leads the way among all platforms in weekly reach, delivering a significant national audience. It also excels on a distinctly local level by engaging highly qualified consumers in real-time across the U.S. every single day. The vast majority of radio listeners are in the workforce, mobile and reached when they’re away from home and ready to buy.

Radio listeners are also a diverse group, reflective of our national population. More than 73 million of them are black and Hispanic, and their influence is felt everywhere from the ballot box to the grocery store.

In this quarter’s look at black and Hispanic radio audiences, we find that each year for the past five years, the number of radio listeners in both groups has grown. Additionally, these consumers spend more time with radio each week than any other, and also present some very desirable characteristics for marketers when compared against other media.

Radio’s Five-Year Growth Trend

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