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Community Engagement Is Critical to Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

1 minute read | June 2018

Engaging consumers and communities is critical to our purpose as a company. In order to provide measurement services that create greater efficiency for the clients and markets we serve—and yield greater prosperity for all—it’s imperative that we include people from diverse backgrounds in our measurement and our company. Crystal Barnes, SVP, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, recently discussed this multicultural approach as it relates to our overall Diversity & Inclusion strategy with Don Lowery, SVP, Community Engagements.

“The 14 years I’ve been at Nielsen have been constant change—because of how the industry has changed, how our clients change and, of course, technology,” said Don. “One of the constants is that we still have to be able to measure people no matter where they are.”

As the conduit between our clients and consumers, Nielsen endeavors to raise awareness among all communities about Nielsen and the work that we do. To that end, Don highlighted our focus on connecting leaders across our business areas directly with communities to provide a broader understanding of how Nielsen works. Crystal noted the importance of this work to our business overall; diversity representation and inclusion was one of the top material areas for Nielsen as identified through our 2016-2017 non-financial materiality assessment.

Visit our Global Responsibility & Sustainability page on, as well as our Nielsen Global Responsibility Report, for more information about how our environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy is aligned across all our business objectives.