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Supercharging Nielsen Ad Intel with new paid social media spend and creatives

3 minute read | February 2022

London, February 3, 2022: Nielsen announces an enhancement to its Nielsen Ad Intel service that provides U.K. marketers with detailed advertising monitoring to now include paid social media ad spend and creative information. 

Paid social media advertising has become an imperative marketing tactic for brands to expand their online presence. The added breadth of measurement provides new visibility into some of the largest ad investments on social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, in addition to the existing digital channels and traditional media (TV, Radio, Out of Home, Press and Cinema). 

This new addition of social and in-app digital data will provide increased coverage by measuring additional sites and advertising types, with more accurate representation of digital ad buys, in a secure, privacy-safe way. 

Media buyers and sellers now have greater ease to monitor, adjust and measure their digital ad performance. With the continued expanded usage of social media as a means of staying connected, social media platforms presented a sound opportunity for brands to reach mass audiences. Remarkably, advertisers spent more than £3.5 billion on these platforms in 2021, with Amazon, NHS England and Google amongst the top spenders. 

“Social media is a place where brands can reach and interact with their consumers. Marketers continue to increase their presence in this advertising channel where ROI can be measurable, ” Barney Farmer, Nielsen Media U.K. Commercial Director said, “With this significant enhancement to our advertising coverage, publishers, platforms, agencies and brands can benefit from a comprehensive representation of who is advertising in Social media as well as the other Digital advertising activity we already track. This also reports how brands are active alongside the other media channels we have covered for many years such as TV, Radio, Press, Outdoor, and Cinema.”

Alessandra Rossi at Nielsen Ad Intel Product Strategy Lead added, “As the industry continues to embrace new advertising opportunities, they can rely on Nielsen to help monitor and make sense of competitive media strategies. Nielsen Ad Intel’s trusted, independent data has a legacy of quality and granularity. Through Nielsen Ad Intel Digital’s powerful insights our clients can better monitor theirs and their competitors’ social and in-app spend and creative executions.” 

The enhancements to Ad Intel are part of Nielsen’s effort to equip the industry with actionable, comprehensive and relevant competitive metrics that help establish a more flexible, connected and intuitive way for media buyers and sellers to evaluate ad performance across-platforms and make smarter decisions. 

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