Data Science

Leading innovation through data and insights

Who we are

Data Science is at the core of our business. Nielsen’s unique technologies, assets and data make it an interesting and challenging place for data scientists to work. 

Our team drives innovation, new product ideation, experimental design and testing, complex analysis and delivers data insights around the world. If your passion for analytics matches ours, join us and help the world’s biggest brands make better, faster media and marketing decisions.

“Nielsen is a market research company, so of course there are numerous ways for data scientists to collaborate or lead an initiative here at Nielsen. One way in which our data science group has a direct link to [our diversity, equity and Inclusion team] is through our diverse intelligence series where we leverage our data to drive insights into the media consumption and purchasing behavior of underrepresented communities.”

Uche Onyewu, Director, Data Science, Nielsen

What you’ll do

Every day, we apply varied data science techniques —from modeling and optimization to statistical analysis and data engineering. A 13-year Nielsen veteran shares her career trajectory from Statistical Analyst to Senior Vice President.

“In the Data Science department, we have people with backgrounds in linguistics, neuroscience, psychology, sociology, engineering, astrophysics, and even fishery scientists. Bringing together people with all these different types of backgrounds gives us diversity of thought and allows us to develop better solutions to meet business needs.”

Molly Poppie, SVP Data Science, Nielsen

News and updates

How bad data keeps us from good AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool that can simplify tasks and improve our lives. However, when it comes to fair and equitable policy decision-making, AI has not lived up to its promise. In his recent TEDTalk, Mainak Mazumdar, Nielsen’s Chief Research Officer, explores the essential role data plays in business and society—and how he’s working to build a better data infrastructure that makes ethical AI possible.

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