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How Subscription-Based Streaming Services are Making Waves

1 minute read | April 2013

There’s no denying that online video subscription services have made waves that have reverberated throughout the media industry. Viewers want entertainment options—from professional TV-like programming to homemade content that goes viral—and streaming video offers just that.

So who’s subscribing to this new way of viewing? For its Advertising and Audiences report, Nielsen found that interest and adoption rates vary by income and education by looking at homes that had a credit or debit card charge in the last 12 months to a service such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, Blockbuster.com, or Vudu. For example, among video streaming households, 43 percent have an income of $50k-$100k.

While wealthy households ($100k+) were 85 percent more likely to have a streaming service than the rest of the population, it’s noteworthy that homes with tablets were also more likely to pay for streaming content.

For more information on viewership trends among income and education, download the full Advertising and Audiences report.


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