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Star Wars: The Franchise Awakens

1 minute read | December 2015

Although Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away, the movie franchise has become a massive cultural phenomenon down here on earth. Not everyone is a super fan, but it would be a chore to find someone who’s not familiar with the characters and the story line, and hype over the latest installment, opening today, is further evidence that the franchise is a pop culture staple that continues to thrive over time.

Whether it be Star Wars-branded mac & cheese, coffee creamers or comic books, we see Star Wars-branded items everywhere—even in the years when there’s no new movie being released! The films have influenced authors, songwriters, producers, marketers and artists, turning Star Wars into the undeniably powerful franchise that it is today.

With the release of The Force Awakens, a new Nielsen analysis explores the sales figures behind the franchise over the past few years, focusing on Star Wars-related discs, books, and consumer packaged goods.