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How Streaming Enablement in 2020 Has Changed the Media Landscape

1 minute read | October 2020

In looking at how streaming video consumption has grown this year, Easter Sunday stands out as the peak streaming day that Nielsen has ever measured. From there, especially as stay-at-home orders eased and warmer weather came around, total media usage began to normalize. That doesn’t mean, however, that media consumption today looks like what it did before March, especially when you look at the video streaming space. In fact, Brian Fuhrer, SVP, Product Strategy at Nielsen, says the streaming enablement that took place during the stay-at-home periods was like multiple holiday enablement periods all at once. 

To learn more, we spoke with Brian about the streaming consumption arc during that period to better understand the long-term implications for the media industry given that older demographics now account for 26% of all streaming minutes viewed. Brian also provides perspective on how an array of traditional media companies are exploring the streaming space, particularly those with large libraries of content to offer video-hungry consumers. These newcomers are further fragmenting the streaming scene, prompting Brian to ask himself, “How much content is too much?” Find out what he thinks, as well as whether he still thinks content is king in our interview.


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