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Nielsen and MMS announce expansion of cross-media measurement service in Sweden

3 minute read | February 2023

Stockholm, Sweden – 17 February 2023: Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics and the Swedish Joint Industry Committee MMS – Mediamätning i Skandinavien AB, have announced the expansion of the cross-media measurement service, also referred to as total measurement.

The first metric that has been launched to the market is reach for Content on a total level. This is based on Nielsen’s full measurement service which includes both Nielsen’s single source panel and its census-based measurement. Through this component, MMS will be able to report the daily view of how people, regardless of platform, consume Content across both linear TV and online video, on a total level. This will enrich the services that MMS provides to the Swedish market.

Magnus Anshelm, CEO, MMS said: “MMS has for many years reported the daily viewing of linear TV and online video, which made us unique in the world. Now, by expanding our service with Nielsen, we have a measurement that reports the total viewing on all screens daily. This is yet another milestone on the way to a total currency for all viewing for content and ads across the Swedish media market.”

Krister Forsman, Swedish Market Leader, Nielsen added: “The ways we consume TV and video content have dramatically changed. By transitioning to our single source online video panel solution, coupled together with our census measurements, MMS was able to launch a new approach to TV and online video currencies, and, through total reach, now provide a great step forward towards a complete view of TV and online video from all platforms and devices.”

In Autumn 2021, MMS commissioned Nielsen to be the sole total measurement provider for the currencies reaching the Swedish market. The new measurement methods were to be implemented in three steps. The first two steps involved a new approach to the TV currency, moving to a video panel from a TV panel, as well as migrating the online video currency to be based on the Nielsen video panel and the Nielsen census measurement. This was successfully implemented in Autumn 2022. The third and final step is this integration into a total measurement – the first phase of which has just happened in February 2023.

Nielsen has been working with MMS for just over 30 years, continuously developing measurement services together to serve the Swedish market.

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Iben Spindborg Winther-Schmidt
Communications Lead, Northern Europe

Krister Forsman
Market Leader, Sweden