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Verify digital ads across linear TV and digital platforms

With audiences engaging with advertising across more devices and platforms than ever before, it has become increasingly difficult for media buyers and sellers to accurately measure their viewership. In fact, accurate, cross-platform measurement is one of the greatest challenges facing more than 50% of all media buyers today.*

So, how can advertisers be sure that their ads are reaching their intended audiences without an accurate way of measuring cross-platform campaign performance? We’re here to help. Nielsen Total Ad Ratings delivers industry-leading reporting for deduplicated audience reach metrics across linear TV and digital platforms.

By combining Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings with Nielsen TV Ratings, and leveraging census-based data with machine learning methodologies, Nielsen Total Ad Ratings deduplicates advertising reach metrics across TV and digital platforms using our panel-powered ID system to provide comprehensive cross-platform audience measurement.

*eMarketer, “Media buyers want more standardization in linear and digital TV measurement, but a common currency is unlikely,” 2021


Solve the cross-platform audience measurement puzzle

Industry trusted

Industry trusted

Prove your advertising performance with accurate data trusted by 21 of the top 25 global advertisers.

People-based verification

People-based verification

Reach unique audiences with unbiased, representative ad measurement verified by people-based panels.

Cross-platform coverage

Cross-platform coverage

Guarantee your advertising reach with performance metrics across linear TV and digital platforms.

Use cases

Cross-platform measurement for advertisers, agencies and publishers

Advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Analyze publisher performance across TV and digital platforms, optimize reach and frequency metrics, and increase campaign ROI.

Answer critical questions like:

• Which publishers are reaching my target audiences?
• What is the incremental value of my TV and digital campaigns?
• How can I optimize budget across TV and digital channels?

Publishers and platforms

Media sellers

Prove your platform’s ability to reach your client’s target audiences across TV and digital channels using industry-standard audience data.

Answer critical questions like:

• How can I prove the value of my platform’s audience reach?
• How can I assess the incremental value of my TV and digital properties for my client’s campaigns?
• How do my properties compare to industry averages?


Unparalleled coverage for all of your cross-platform measurement needs

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