The Total Audience Report: Q1 2016

The Total Audience Report: Q1 2016

While the front sections of the quarterly Nielsen Total Audience reports typically dive deep on media usage by certain demographics—age, ethnicity, income, etc.—the first-quarter 2016 report focuses on tables and exhibits typically included in the back of the report that provide comprehensive data on media behavior.

The report examines large trends in penetration, users and usage across all platforms; shows how different demos and race/ethnicity groups spend their media time; and explores the contributions of heavy users.

One of the key findings of this quarter’s report? An important milestone in U.S. media has been reached: availability of SVOD programming (Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime) is now equal to DVR penetration, with both available in 50% of U.S. TV households.

Radio and TV Are Most Popular Medias Among U.S. Adults

Despite growing options, radio and television continue to reach the most users in the U.S. each month. Of new technologies, smartphones have the largest reach. 


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The Total Audience Report: Q1 2016

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