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Parents and Entertainment: How Moms and Dads Interact with Games, Books and Music

1 minute read | June 2014

For most of us, mom and dad seem to have super powers juggling their many responsibilities, switching hats—from counselor to cheerleader—at the drop of a hat, and walking the tightrope balancing their (and our) hectic schedules. However, when they do take a moment to kick up their feet and relax, entertainment is what they’re after. In fact, they’re some of the biggest entertainment consumers out there. And even when they’re on the receiving side, gift-givers often go to entertainment to help these superheroes recharge. With Mother’s Day past us and Father’s Day around the corner, we looked how moms and dads approach and interact with entertainment, as well as how these holidays are good news for the books, games, and music industries.