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Nielsen TV: Getting to Know Millennial Video Gamers

1 minute read | July 2019

While it’s no surprise that young adults who grew up playing video games are still active gamers today, it is somewhat surprising how they stay so engaged while living full lives at the same time. Having grown up alongside the first Nintendo Entertainment System, which debuted in North America in 1985, Millennials now have careers, advanced degrees and families. That being said, they’re still gamers at heart, as two-thirds of Millennial Americans play video games every month. So what else do we know about this key demographic for the video game industry? To learn more, we spoke with Bethany Lyons, a research analyst at SuperData, a Nielsen company, who provided key insight about why Millennials should be front and center on the radar of any marketer involved in the video games industry.

For additional insight, download the Millennials on Millennials: Gaming Media Consumption report.