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How Working from Home is Shaping Consumers’ Power of Choice

1 minute read | August 2020

Nielsen has been tracking the impact of digital connectivity on media consumption for quite some time, as many Americans have come to enjoy the freedoms that come with accessing what they want when they want it. Now, with many Americans shifting from working in traditional offices to working at home, we’re seeing the power of choice play out in how they manage the balance between living and working in the same place.

According to the Nielsen Remote Workers Consumer Survey, work-from-home consumers are largely enjoying this change in daily routine, as it’s allowed them to strike a better balance between working and living their best lives. And to no surprise, the new normal includes a heavy dose of media consumption. To learn more, we spoke with Peter Katsingris, SVP of Audience Insights, who provides additional insight into how consumers are settling into a reality where the lines between work and home life are blurring.


For additional insights about how consumers’ work-from-home lifestyles are changing traditional routines and behaviors, download the latest Nielsen Total Audience Report.

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