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The Impact of COVID-19 On Australian Advertising

2 minute read | Rose Lopreiato, Ad Intel Commercial, Media Industry Group & Jake Erwich, Insight Analyst, Nielsen Ad Intel Portfolio | June 2020

As the country emerges from over a month of restricted living, questions now arise around how and when consumers’ lives will return to normal in the near future. Faced with uncertainty about the future, advertisers and marketers have exercised caution and are closely scrutinising their spend and activities to ensure their people and businesses remain viable once life returns to normal.  

In addition to major government campaign initiatives, Nielsen’s Ad Intel data showed that numerous category sectors increased advertising spend across April 2020 compared with the same time last year. Key messaging around COVID-19 and promotion of product offering adjustments in relation to the pandemic were frequently present.

In addition, when we look into the top 10 categories for COVID-related ads by ad count, automotive led the way. Keeping potential auto shoppers engaged at the right time is important, especially as companies are reopening their offices and people are faced with the dilemma of taking public transport, or possibly purchasing a new car.

The pandemic swiftly transformed all aspects of daily life, including how consumers engage with the media and retail landscapes. Adaption will be the key to survival, and the marketers who can begin to strategically evolve their approach to changing consumer behaviors now will be way ahead of the game when consumers find post-pandemic balance.

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