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A World of Impact: Nielsen Global Impact Day

3 minute read | July 2016
Crystal Barnes
Crystal Barnes
VP, Corporate Social Responsibility

As the five-year anniversary of Nielsen Global Impact Day (NGID), our annual day of service, has come and gone, I can’t help taking a moment to pause and reflect on the year-round passion and dedication of our associates around the world who share a spirit of service and commitment to the well-being of our communities. At Nielsen, we value our employee experience and challenge associates to be yourself, grow with us and make a difference. The work we do on NGID and beyond celebrates the many ways associates choose to accept that challenge.

As an organization with a 93-year history of measuring a broad range of consumer behavior worldwide, it should come as no surprise that giving back to the communities where we live and serve is woven into the DNA of our company and the actions of our associates. As we honor and support that legacy, we also recognize the unique connection between a company’s ability to do well and do good—neither of which are mutually exclusive.

We serve because we care. And our ability to leverage the power of our people to mobilize their skills, expertise and Nielsen’s data for good directly supports our mission to create social value in our communities, helping to solve some of the world’s biggest social challenges in the markets where we live and work. We do this through year-round hands-on and skills-based volunteering and the in-kind giving of our data and insights with nonprofits in four key priority areas around the globe through our employee volunteer program, Nielsen Cares.


Each year, NGID gives us an opportunity to support organizations that we engage throughout the year and introduce associates to new opportunities within and beyond Nielsen Cares’ priority cause areas as well. This year on NGID, my morning began bright and early at the Fedcap office here in New York City.

Since Education is one of our key priority areas, I was thrilled to be a part of Fedcap’s mission of instilling the “Power of Possible” in our youth. We spent the day equipping students with professional development skills, business acumen and networking tips in preparation for their upcoming high-impact internships and job searches. Witnessing the transition from timid beginnings to bold elevator pitches of their personal brands was both rewarding and impactful.

Totaling up the global impact of our 2016 NGID, more than 23,000 volunteers participated in more than 1,400 projects with over 900 community organizations. And all of this happened across the more than 92 countries where Nielsen operates. It was a record-breaking year—and it doesn’t stop there. The work we do through Nielsen Cares helps us to engage in our communities in innovative and meaningful ways throughout the year.

In a world of constant change, the importance of caring for the markets that we serve is not optional. And the sincerity with which we demonstrate that ongoing commitment must be authentic and real. From building a solar power irrigation system in Antipolo, to distributing food in Houston, to building chicken coops in Acambay, our associates not only talk the talk—they walk it and take each step with pride.