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Food TV commercials have reached the most viewers

3 minute read | July 2016

Budapest, July 19, 2016 – TV commercials in the food trade reached the most viewers aged 18-49 in the product categories in June this year. They are followed by other medicinal products, car and then credit loan and mobile phone subscription / package. Among other things, Nielsen Közönségmérés Kft. States this on the basis of the data of the channels it examines at the spot level.

Last month, a total of 641,540 commercials were aired on the channels surveyed by Nielsen. In this respect, the growth rate is 18 percent from one June to the next. In June this year, a TV viewer encountered an average of 65 commercials a day, five more than a year earlier.

The total population watched real-time TV for 259 minutes a day in June, 1 minute more than a year earlier. This average is best exceeded by 110 minutes for those aged 60 and over. The lowest is the 155-minute average of 155-29 year-olds in June this year.

At a list price, based on the channels examined by Nielsen at the spot level, companies spent HUF 96.8 billion on TV advertising in June this year. This is 20 percent more than the amount spent on advertising last June. However, the actual cost may be significantly lower than this, as television companies offer different levels of discounts to advertisers.

Reach for TV commercials was 7,709 in June, up 9 percent from the sixth month last year. %), hypermarkets (+ 47%) and technical department stores (+ 45%).

The proportion of viewers reached by advertisements is expressed in the English professional term Gross Rating Point (GRP); specifically, how many contacts the broadcasts of an advertisement reached among the members of the target group studied. Because an ad can reach multiple viewers multiple times, GRP can exceed 100 percent. It is calculated by adding together the proportion of the audience reached by each broadcast of the advertisement.

It is noteworthy that, due to the European Football Championship, the sporting event and broadcasting were also included in the top twenty product categories in June; the former with a GRP of 1,755 and the latter with a GRP of 3,278.

Among the sectors, the top twenty product categories based on the number of viewers reached within the list include the typical products of the summer season: beer, carbonated soft drinks, mineral water, vitamins and vitamin drinks, as well as ice cream / ice cream.


The GRP of television advertising, that is, the gross achievement value for some product classes, among 18-49 year olds, when watching TV in real time.

Source: Nielsen Audience Measurement Ltd.


Nielsen Audience Measurement is the only one in Hungary to perform instrumental television audience measurement. Nielsen Audience Data provides a “common currency” for television companies, agencies and advertisers on a daily basis based on an independent and transparent system. The independence, professional reliability and credibility of our company’s audience measurement has been confirmed by several different, independent evaluations and audits.

Gross Rating Point (GRP) shows how many contacts were reached by the target group of the advertisement. The sum of GRP metrics can exceed 100 percent, as advertising can reach a viewer more than once. In its calculation, Nielsen researchers add up the audience reached by each broadcast of the advertisement.

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