Nielsen total audience

Nielsen Total Audience

Plan, activate and measure with confidence.

Developing great campaigns and content in today’s complex media market starts with understanding your audience: who they are, what they like and how they interact with content—everywhere. Nielsen is committed to measuring the total audience. We’re empowering media companies and advertisers to plan, activate and measure content and campaigns in the new media landscape.


Nielsen Total Audience solutions span the entire media process:



Segment your audiences, understand competitive ad spend, and create optimized cross-media plans.

Uncover the movement of ad dollars across linear and digital media.

Create optimized plans to reach your target audiences.



Connect your customer data to a rich set of Nielsen audience data for the clearest picture of your customer in the industry. Our suite of apps help you create and activate a media plan, inform creative that sticks, optimize your campaign in real time and quantify its impact on sales.

Data Management Platform

Data Management Platform

Expand, optimize, segment and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.

Data as a Service

Data as a Service (DaaS)

Find your target audience segment, or customize your own based on the characteristics that are most important to you.



Get a complete picture of your content and campaigns on every screen and every device, so you can make decisions and trade with confidence. Learn More >

Get the clearest view of your digital ad campaigns: transparent, independent and actionable.

Get a holistic view of who your ad campaigns are reaching on TV and digital and how your ads are working together to optimize reach with unduplicated measurement comparable to Nielsen TV Ratings.

Understand how people are engaging with your content with a single, unduplicated view of your audience across platforms.

See your complete digital audience via comprehensive measurement of digital content across devices.



Maximize creative quality and understand the impact of your campaign on consumers.

Capture a holistic view of consumer decision-making by measuring both conscious and non-conscious response.

Evaluate the effect of your TV sponsorships, campaigns and integrations on social media conversations.

Sales Effect

Measure the impact of your campaign on actual buyers in CPG, retail and other industries.

Brand Effect

Maximize the in-flight effectiveness of your campaign across devices and media (TV and digital).