Nielsen supplier code of conduct 

Nielsen commits to managing our supply chain in an ethical, legal and socially responsible manner. Supply chain sustainability (which spans environmental, social, and governance/ethical issues) is a growing concern to investors, regulatory bodies around the world, our corporate clients, and the end consumers our clients serve.

Nielsen’s Supplier Code of Conduct conveys our expectations for our suppliers. We believe that good corporate citizenship must be a foundation of our long-term growth and profitability together with suppliers.

The Nielsen Supplier Code of Conduct has been adapted from the supplier code of conduct of the Responsible Business Alliance. This code is an industry-wide code used by more than 100 of the world’s largest and leading technology companies.  We have chosen to adopt this code to improve our supply chain and improve our business overall.  By requiring our suppliers to comply with this code, we believe that these benefits will cascade to our supplier partners.

This Supplier Code is referenced in all new Nielsen purchase orders and contracts. While we recognize that there are different legal and cultural environments in which our suppliers operate, our Supplier Code of Conduct sets forth basic requirements that all Nielsen suppliers must meet.  

Download the code here:

Nielsen Supplier Code of Conduct Training

Nielsen provides automated online training to our external suppliers on our Supplier Code of Conduct available in 12 languages: Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese; Czech; Dutch; Romanian; English; French; Japanese; Korean; Malay; Slovak; Spanish; Tagalog; Thai; and Vietnamese. Suppliers are provided with a link to the e-learning training site and instructions to complete the 30-minute online training.

For any questions about the Supplier Code of Conduct or to register for the Supplier Code of Conduct Training Program, please email