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Seeking authenticity

1 minute read | June 2022

A view of international LGBTQ+ media perceptions

Global attitudes about the LGBTQ+ community have evolved dramatically over the past decade or so, and the community is acutely aware of this. These changing attitudes vary by country, which means perceptions about the community can vary as well.

While this has fostered a greater sense of optimism about what lies ahead for this community, the increased visibility has also sparked rising discrimination against the LGBTQ+ people and a fear that hard-won human rights, like marriage equality, could be rolled back.

LGBTQ+ people’s perceptions of how inclusion in media and advertising has evolved differ by age, sexual orientation, the countries in which where they reside and their personal experiences with discrimination. This report looks at how LGBTQ+ adults in nine countries perceive inclusion on various media platforms and advertising, LGBTQ+ visibility in media and how to improve inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in advertising and content.

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