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1 minute read | February 2021

Podcast Audiences, Growing in Diversity, are the New Audio Opportunity

After a decade of audience growth, podcasts have become an extremely appealing advertising platform. And with broadening appeal and strong listener engagement, brands should be looking to them as a more personalized way to connect with audiences who are maxed out on visual inputs. Importantly, podcast advertising—particularly when delivered by the podcast host—drives stronger brand recall punch than more traditional forms of advertisements.

But as rich an opportunity as podcasts have become, the crowded and ever-expanding universe of podcasts means brands and marketers have an over-abundance of options to consider as they develop their media plans. Some might argue that advertising in the most popular podcasts would be the ideal way to engage audiences en masse. But in a world that is moving away from cookies and toward actual people, smart brands are looking to engage the right consumers with a well-tailored message rather than casting a big net and hoping for the best.

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