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Nielsen AI Helps Marketers Respond to Changing Consumer Behavior Instantly

3 minute read | April 2017

Regardless of the industry—retail, CPG, automotive, financial services or media—a business needs to provide products or solutions that meet the needs of real people. But people are constantly changing, and brands need to stay relevant to attract new customers while increasing loyalty among current customers. Adapting to all these changes has never been more difficult, considering the staggering amount of “big data” to organize, understand and act on.

That’s why we’ve created Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (Nielsen AI), an adaptive learning technology—built into the Nielsen Marketing Cloud—that automates audience model creation and optimization. This new capability enables Nielsen Marketing Cloud clients to respond instantly to real-time changes in consumer behavior, resulting in more relevant content and advertising, higher levels of customer engagement and improved ROI.  

For example, a shoe retailer running a big Cyber Monday campaign focused on driving demand for women’s winter boots could leverage Nielsen AI to instantly adapt its audience segments to reflect consumer movement through the purchase funnel (e.g., from awareness to interest to intent and finally to purchase). The retailer could then immediately adjust its display creative, as well as its online and mobile e-commerce content and product recommendations, to align with these rapid changes in shopping behavior.

Nielsen AI carries out four actions that enable marketers to act on data insights easily and immediately:

  1. Stream: With a real-time stream of device-linked audience data, Nielsen AI learns hundreds—even thousands—of things about a brand’s customers, from the media they watch to the products they buy. And as this information changes, the tool adapts.
  2. Scale: Nielsen AI is able to scale the audience by finding prospects that match the brand’s customers down to the littlest detail. This ensures that marketers are reaching out to exactly the right people.
  3. Act: As part of Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP), Nielsen AI allows marketers to instantly activate segments across a wide spectrum of marketing execution platforms, such as search, social media, email, video, mobile, programmatic, over-the-top TV and owned and operated websites and apps.
  4. Adapt: Nielsen AI syndicates these audience learnings across all marketing platforms in half the time it takes to blink your eyes—literally (i.e., it takes 300 milliseconds to blink your eyes and only 150 milliseconds for Nielsen AI to reach your audiences across channels).

It is important to note that Nielsen AI builds and adapts audience models based on one-to-one real-time observations. Most artificial intelligence solutions currently available to marketers employ batch (offline) learning. Batch learning requires data to be stored on a computer and modeled at a later time—with the analysis happening overnight at the quickest, but generally taking a few business days.

With Nielsen AI’s up-to-the-second updates, marketers can avoid the delays common with other solutions and consequently gain crucial opportunities to engage customers and effectively move them down the funnel. This means smarter and faster responses to changes in consumer behavior, resulting in more meaningful connections with consumers.

To learn more, download the Nielsen AI Whitepaper, “Marketing At Future Speed – Adapting To People’s Changing Needs When Every Second Counts.”