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The Database: Deciphering Digital’s Role in Cross-Platform Advertising

2 minute read | May 2019


For most us, our digital devices are always at the ready, and many are synced with one another so we can use our devices interchangeably as we navigate work, entertainment and communication.

For consumers, digital offers convenience, access to information and speedy connectivity. For advertisers, it presents a big opportunity. But drilling down into that opportunity hasn’t always been easy.

Ad exposures need assigned values, and success measurement needs to be holistic across platforms and channels. But how can you arrive at comparability when you’re looking at an ad on a smartphone and an ad on a smart TV? And from a return on investment perspective, does cross-platform measurement actually factor in every device and channel that an exposure appeared on?

Fortunately, brands today are able to understand the lift that digital ads bring to their overall campaigns. Specifically, recent Nielsen research found that digital campaigns provide an additional 16% reach to campaigns aimed at people 18-49. And impressions on connected TVs deliver an average of 3% additional reach to the same age group on top of what linear TV and digital deliver.

In this episode, Marissa McArdle, VP, Product Leadership, Nielsen, and Leslie Pitterson, VP, Media Communications, Nielsen Global Media, explore the role that digital plays in today’s ad landscape. This includes the importance of thinking about campaigns holistically, the challenges brands can overcome with the right data, the unique lift that digital delivers, as well as how things like connected TV and other connected devices factor into the overall ad realm.

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