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Advertising + emotions = increase sales

3 minute read | Rausch Tamás – üzletfejlesztési vezető, Nielsen | April 2022

Of all the media, consumers still consider TV to be the most reliable source of advertising. However, as the media is increasingly fragmented, it is more difficult than ever to reach and win over consumers. This increases the responsibility of market players for the quality of advertising. Especially because good advertising can provoke emotional reactions.

Think, dear Reader, when you last paid for a vacation or trip. Before making a decision, did you consider the price and the expected benefits carefully or did you have an idea? Maybe a recent ad suggested the choice? Did you recall the content of the ad when you ordered the trip or were invaded by invisible forces? Or did his emotions overwhelm him?


There are many theories about how advertising works. But all modern theories have a common denominator: Emotions are at the heart of our relationship with brands. They drive our subconscious decisions and also play a significant role in our conscious decisions.Did it happen to you that you watched an ad, heard the music, and didn’t get out of your head? Or did you see something that seemed to have nothing to do with the brand then? But is it still indelibly connected to the brand in your head?We often associate such images and slogans with very effective advertising campaigns. But they hardly tell us any information about the features of the product.Of course, message-based advertising is important, and communicating the features of a product is still an essential part of a brand manager’s job.


On the other hand, it is often the case that consumers pay little attention to reasonable considerations when making a decision: for example, their instincts dictate, their intuition, their desire to meet an expectation, or a sudden idea.A consumer stops in the sales area in front of a shelf. What’s in your shopping cart from the offer? The fate of commodities depends a lot on what emotions influence what the consumer believes and thinks: Subconscious emotional values ​​encounter rational factors in them, such as the time they consume the food to be purchased. Or that’s when, what hot drink he likes to drink. Maybe how prices relate to your free money at the time.


In the advertising industry, measuring the impact of advertising can have a long history: memory, recall, recognition, intent, purpose, consideration, and so on. These aspects are relatively easy to grasp and interpret. In fact, their measurement is important and has its own raison d’être.But they provide only a modest allowance compared to measuring how emotional an ad can evoke in its viewers.At this point, the development of the theory and practice of neuroscience becomes interesting. Today we are able to measure their neural and biological reactions such as heart rate, sweating, posture, facial muscle movements, electrical impulses in special parts of the brain, and so on.The reactions measured in this way are linked to the possible success of an advertising campaign.


These techniques are well-established in text testing and the results are effective. Twenty-five of the hundreds of advertisements for the FMCG brand recently examined yielded the following results: Advertisements that performed better than average in text tests on a neuroscience basis increased sales of the advertised brands by 23 percent overall.Although confidence in TV is strong, the clutter these days is simply too much and the quality of creative materials is often neglected. Yet marketers should use neuroscience measurements before launching a campaign. And if they are linked to observations during the broadcasting period of advertising, their effectiveness can be measured throughout the life cycle of advertising through a comprehensive scientific method.

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