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4 minute read | September 2015

Consumer 360® Forum: new insights on consumer demand by generation and

achieving maximum ROI from digital marketing

SHANGHAI – September 8, 2015 – Nielsen Greater China Managing Directors Kiki Fan and Oliver Rust presented consumer and retail trend data and strategies at Nielsen Greater China’s Consumer 360 Forum. 

Age Demographics Provide a View Into Consumer Demand, Now and In the Future

Fan’s mainstage presentation titled: Understanding Tomorrow’s Chinese Consumers addresses key findings about each generation’s current needs and offers insights into how those values will evolve over the next decade.  Attendees will learn how to present products to different market segments according to their distinct core values and how to diversify the purchasing channel in the ‘internet plus’ era.

There are big differences among consumers of different generations:

· 60s’ values are relatively traditional, 54% of them only purchase products when necessary, and 62% think quantity is more important than price. Only 30% are willing to shop online because of security fears.

· 40% of 70s pay more attention to children’s growth and would like to accompany them, 18% higher than average. So they are more prudent on choosing products, 54% of them only purchase products of trusted brands and rarely switch brands, even with a discount.

· Asset appreciation is the life center of 80s and gets more attention than family and health. 72% of them expect a better salary. Given their busy lives, 39% of them are more likely to purchase online to save time.

· 90s are more willing to commit themselves to dream, 36% and 30% of them separately think career and self-improvement are very important things in life. In terms of consumption habits, 37% of them prefer style to brand in order to attract others’ eyeballs.

“Generational change will bring huge shifts to the market, as well,” said Fan.  “As consumers age, their core values and demands shift.  This is a key factor in purchasing behaviors across every industry.  Manufacturers and retailers need to grasp the core demands of consumer groups across age categories to win emotional cognition, make the products that fulfill a need and promote life-long brand loyalty and trust. ”

The Future of Digital Marketing is Multi-platform and Video-Focused

Oliver Rust’s mainstage presentation, Reinventing the Digital Future shines a light on the impact and opportunity for businesses amidst the digital explosion in China. Attendees will hear strategies to shape and optimize their advertising spend in the rapidly changing media consumption environment.

“The digital explosion in China is undeniable,” said Rust, “and the multi-screen life of Chinese consumers is growing in complexity.  There are more than 649 million mobile Internet customers in China, and among them, 432 million to watch online video.  In fact, Chinese consumers spend 170 minutes a day on mobile devices, which is longer than TV, radio and print combined.  Mobile video will become the major trend in delivering information and entertainment in the future, and that is particularly true for advertising, as well.”

A recently conducted Nielsen survey indicates that 72% of the consumers are used to watching videos on mobile. They tend to watch short format content on mobile, compared to PC and tablet. Rust’s presentation will focus on the mobile explosion and the infinite opportunities for enterprises to reach consumers in newer, highly-measurable and cost-effective ways.  The presentation will highlight strategies for maximizing video engagement on smaller screens and the evolution of audience-specific marketing.   

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