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E-commerce or a new consumer reality

1 minute read | November 2018

Today, 4 billion people in the world are connected to the Internet – this is 53% of the world’s population, and almost the vast majority (92.6%) go online via mobile devices. Every day, 85% of the world’s users (3.4 billion people) use the Internet and spend an average of six and a half hours online. At the same time, consumers today are increasing the number of digital activities on the network. Undoubtedly, free access to the Internet, technology and innovation in the digital world will change consumer behavior and in any case affect his life in the future.

Open access to the Internet not only changes the way users consume information and share experiences, but also gives freedom in everyday life and makes it more flexible and comfortable. Convenient digital communication is available today in all spheres of life – from social media, to financial institutions, from information portals to the gaming industry – all this pushes the consumer to online shopping.

Success and development for manufacturers and retailers will be to create strategic advantages in various channels in the way of the buyer, both in developed markets and in emerging markets.


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