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Creator Platforms Drive Emotional Connections and Brand Outcomes

Nielsen + Raptive: The Power of Creator Spaces in the Digital Era


Brand effectiveness in the creator ecosystem

Raptive, a media company that specializes in helping over 5,000 creators monetize their websites, sought to measure their impact on key brand metrics for a variety of beauty, home and CPG brands. With Nielsen Brand Impact, they conducted research to evaluate the effectiveness of their creator websites compared to social media and traditional websites.


Comparing creator spaces to traditional websites

The study aimed to understand the impact of creator spaces on advertising effectiveness by comparing creator website environments with traditional website and social environments.


Quantifying emotion and perception

Raptive faced the challenge of identifying the emotional connection creators uniquely establish with their audiences, which is vital to driving lasting connections, but is difficult to quantify.


Nielsen captures brand effectiveness 

By commissioning a Nielsen Brand Impact study, Raptive leveraged their expertise to quantify brand lift and perception. Nielsen’s tailored solution allowed for the evaluation of creator-focused content in a new way, providing unparalleled insight into brand KPIs and content elements.

Key findings


Websites matter

The commissioned study revealed that when the brand was advertised on websites such as creator blog posts or sponsored content (vs. social media), ad recall was a whopping 70% higher. And when advertised on websites, the brand saw higher purchase intent and affinity.


Creator websites are relatable spaces

Creator websites were found to offer uniquely positive ad placement opportunities, scoring a 66% brand fit with lifestyle, a strong indicator of purchase intent.


Creator fans are powerhouses that drive outcomes

Creator fans were influential, with 40% higher purchase intent and 45% higher brand recommendation likelihood when exposed to brands on creator websites compared to the general public.


Creator fans foster deep brand connections

Creator fans trust and enjoy creator product recommendations, with over 86% of creator’s fans reporting trusting creator product recommendations and 88% saying they enjoy learning about new products or services through creators. In fact, 77% of creator fans felt connected to brands featured in creator content. 

How it works

Nielsen conducted an online study exposing panelists to simulated digital environments, which allow for natural immersion and interaction with realistic social feeds and sites. Then, Nielsen surveyed and analyzed responses from panelists who saw the ad on different digital environments versus those who had not, to uncover the true impact of the ads and their environments on key brand metrics.


Creator spaces are special and offer unique opportunities

Nielsen’s Brand Impact solution demonstrated that Raptive’s creator platform and ad placements effectively connected beauty, home and CPG brands with its audience, driving significant brand lift and emotional connections compared to social media and traditional websites, highlighting the key role that creator websites can provide. 

Working with Nielsen’s Brand Impact solution has provided significant insight for Raptive,” says Marla Newman, “Their expertise revealed the value of our creator platforms, showing significant brand lift and stronger emotional connections when compared to traditional websites. Thanks to Nielsen, we now can quantify the unique opportunities that creator spaces offer in advertising.

Marla Newman, EVP – Sales, Raptive

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