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Nielsen Recognized as One of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Millennials

1 minute read | July 2016

We’re honored Fortune and Great Place to Work recently named Nielsen as one of the best employers for Millennials. “Nielsen was founded on the principles of integrity, fairness and authenticity, all qualities which resonate with Millennials,” said Mary Liz Finn, chief HR officer, Nielsen. “Nielsen is a place where you can be yourself, make a difference and grow your career.”

With Millennials making up 24% of the U.S. population, these young consumers will soon represent the largest generation working in the U.S. workforce. Their lives are in rapid transition as they finish their educations, take jobs, move into their own homes and start families. They now make up one third of the American workforce and are growing quickly.

Nielsen research shows that Millennials value authenticity and creativity, buy local goods made by members of their communities and care about their families, friends and philanthropic causes. Understanding how these factors impact a Millennial’s choice of employer will be key for companies who wish to retain their best talent.

Over 80,000 millennials (born 1981 or later) were anonymously surveyed on 58 workplace quality questions by Fortune and Great Place to Work. Employees considered the sincerity of managers’ support for people’s personal and professional lives, how transparent communication is, people’s ability to be themselves at work and to invest in their lives outside work and the meaning they get form their jobs, among many other factors.

“Diversity, inclusion and innovation are crucial to Nielsen and our clients’ future,” said Angela Talton, Nielsen’s chief diversity officer. “At Nielsen, you can have a voice at the table and know that your voice will be heard.”