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Support and learning resources

Need help using Nielsen and Gracenote solutions and products? Explore our support and learning resources.

Nielsen resources

Client portal

Visit our client portal to find important support and learning resources.

Nielsen training

If you’re looking for training documents, calendars or software materials, please contact one of the following: 

For local television or local agency, please contact:

For national television, please contact

For audio, please contact

Nielsen technical support

For technical support, please contact

Local & National

Audio: 800-543-7300



Stay tuned for more information about Nielsen’s NEW learning system.

Gracenote support

Gracenote licensees

Visit our customer development zone to find important resources.

Visit our Community Portal to find support resources or use the self support options below.

TV, movie and music content providers

For general information about how to submit, update, or verify your TV schedules or movie show times, or to register your music data with the Gracenote MusicID recognition service, see Support Resources below. 


If you have an issue with your Powered by Gracenote product or service, please contact the maker or service provider. The product or service is managed by the makers or service providers, therefore Gracenote cannot comment on details of their products or their implementation of Gracenote data. They will work with Gracenote to resolve your issue.

Support resources

Audio support

Flexnet/Dev Zone

Gracenote Music

Sports support

API Explorer

Online Documentation

API Explorer

Online Documentation

Video support

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Gracenote Video

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