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Reaching the Few, the Proud

1 minute read | July 2014

Brand marketers need to understand if their campaigns are effectively reaching their desired audiences online, just as they do on traditional media. While this is true for all advertising, it’s especially critical for products and services focused on very specific segments of the population (e.g., men ages 18-24). Historically, measuring campaign audiences accurately and quickly enough to take action has been difficult online. Breakthrough measurement science innovation is providing digital marketers with currency-quality campaign measurement that enables them to optimize audience delivery in real-time and drive higher ROI.

Well aware of the difficulties in reaching specific audiences in a broadening digital environment, the U.S. Marine Corps knew it needed to get creative to maintain awareness among its primary demographic. As a result, the USMC’s Recruiting Command enlisted its media agency, Mindshare, to develop a multi-platform solution for a campaign in the third and fourth quarters of 2013 to reach its goals of obtaining 95 digital gross rating points (GRPs) among men ages 18-24 and delivering its message to 22 percent of its desired audience.

Optimizing Online Impressions

As it received Online Campaign Ratings measurement daily, Mindshare worked actively with video advertising platforms like TubeMogul to adjust media plans and catalyze delivery optimization. When Mindshare and TubeMogul saw an opportunity to deliver more impressions to USMC’s desired audience, TubeMogul quickly utilized its software to adjust the campaign in-flight and, as a result, gained a 32 percent lift. By partnering with platforms to analyze Online Campaign Ratings data, Mindshare was able to make the most of every impression.

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