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Shifts in Viewing: The Cross-Platform Report Q2 2014

1 minute read | September 2014

Today, content is delivered and consumed through competing delivery platforms, networks and screens. Never before have we seen this level of fragmentation and yet, the sum total of media consumed is growing. In fact, media consumption among the younger 18-34 demo has grown 4% overall year-over-year, while it’s grown 2% among Hispanics, 8% among Blacks, and 10% among Asians.

What’s driving the change? Primarily the growth in digital—both on computers and mobile devices. We’re seeing year over year overall growth in digital use of 16% among persons 18-34, with 53% growth in digital video viewing. Yet, it’s not just a young versus older story. This impressive growth in digital is even more marked among 35-49 year olds and among 50-64 year olds.

Technology has enabled increased choice and consumers have become accustomed to controlling the wide array of content at their fingertips. At the core of it all is the consumer experience in interacting and accessing that content. Some people will want their content live on their TV screen delivered via a traditional or broadband enabled connection, some will want to watch it at a different time, while others will increasingly look for it on the go and on demand on their mobile devices. With smartphones topping 70% penetration and tablets inching toward the 50% mark, the growth in digital consumption can only increase.

Digital Growth is Fueling an Increase in Media Time

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