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How Celebs and Brands Can Get in the Game with Gen Z

2 minute read | November 2017

Much has been said about Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers, but what about Generation Z? When it comes to the sports industry, teams and sponsors may have to up their games to effectively connect with the latest consumers to reach adulthood and the ones soon to be having bank accounts of their own.

Generation Z, also known as the post-Millennial generation, includes those born 1997 to 2015. Much like Millennials, Gen Z’ers grew up with the Internet, mobile phones and social media. But when it comes to sports engagement, the adults (ages 18-20) in this group are more interested in professional basketball and soccer than older adults, and they’re less interested in professional football, baseball and golf than their predecessors.

This generation is also more likely to play basketball and soccer, but running, swimming and biking are this group’s most popular sports activities.

In terms of engagement, name brands have a great opportunity with Generation Z, as generics don’t have as much appeal as they do with older adults, according to research from Nielsen Scarborough. In fact, post-Millennial consumers are less likely to say they believe generic or store brand products are effective and more likely to say that a brand name is an indication of quality.

Gen Z is 59% more likely than the general population to connect with brands through social networking sites

When it comes to influencing purchases of those brand name products by Generation Z, a celebrity endorser resonates with this group more so than others, making the case for the sponsorship of star athletes, musicians and actors.

Generation Z is also most receptive to connecting with brands through social networking sites, 59% more likely than the general population. More information on sponsorship and advertising receptiveness, media use, and sports and entertainment consumption is available in a comprehensive Generation Z and sports sponsorship report. Information on how to receive the report may be found here.

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