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Latina 2.0

1 minute read | September 2017

Fiscally conscious, culturally influential and familia forward

This sixth report on Hispanic consumers in Nielsen’s Diverse Intelligence Series—and the second installment of this year’s overview of female Asian, Hispanic and African-American consumers—updates and extends the story of Latina empowerment and advancement not just within their own families and communities, but also across a wide swath of intercultural women of every race and ethnicity.

Signs of the “Latina Ascent” are everywhere, from buying power growth that is outpacing the rest of the nation, to a flair for using social media and cultural affinity to cement bonds with other women and set their own standards of community, beauty and style. Young, self-reliant and increasingly likely to be U.S. native born and single, Latinas are giving themselves permission to evolve and drive consumer choices and preferences that represent opportunities for every major company and brand. By using technology and media to see themselves, Latinas are holding a mirror up to each other, and forging new pathways of achievement that span educational excellence, being the head of the family and/or the CEO of her own company.

Today’s Latina is socially engaged in ways that are personal, regional and national. Armed with a sense of purpose and determination, they are taking the reins of their own future and making influential strides along the way.

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