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Q4 2017 UAE Radio Audience Measurement Topline Report

2 minute read | February 2018

With the many media platforms available to consumers today, it’s often easy to lose sight of options that have been around for decades. Radio is a perfect example, as Nielsen’s UAE Radio Audience Measurement (UAE RAM) has unearthed interesting insights about how consumers are listening throughout the country—many of which dispel popular myths and misconceptions.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that radio listening is highest during the day on weekdays. In reality, however, radio consumption peaks throughout the day and in the evening, and listening continues into the night on both weekdays and weekends.

As technology has evolved and new media options have come to market, many media participants have wondered if radio would stand the test of time as a mass medium in a world of more dynamic content. Designed to provide listenership data to programmers, sponsors, advertisers, agencies and marketers, UAE RAM highlights just how relevant radio remains, even as on-demand options, streaming content and gifs have pushed their way to the forefront of Millennials’ devices.

Radio is remarkably robust as a popular medium of information and entertainment among the people across seven emirates, reaching 93% of the population 10 and older. More than 40 radio stations cater to a diverse audience in a multitude of languages day and night.

While long drive times and radio’s acceptance as a leading source of music discovery fuel the growth of the medium, cultural preferences for older listeners drive listenership during evening and nighttime.

UAE RAM affirms vitality and popularity of radio in the country, which has a highly mobile population with high disposable income, large expat diaspora, growing youth populace and prolific users of internet and smartphones. Combined, this presents a strong market for the growth of radio listening and promises meaningful opportunities for marketers and advertising agencies to reach their target audiences.

Key Insights

  • Total radio reach of 93% of total population aged 10 and above
  • 7.89 million radio listeners per week
  • Average radio listening time at 9 hours a week
  • Three radio listening peaks: morning, post-lunch and early evening
  • 1.9 million people spending over 18 hours a week to listen to radio
  • Radio listening activity high even late at night, from 8pm until midnight
  • 27% of all radio consumption in an average week occurs between 8pm and 12am
  • 98% of younger millennials aged 15 to 24 years devote 8 hours a week to tune in
  • Highest penetration among Westerners with 100% reach and 8 hours of radio engagement
  • Exceptionally strong radio engagement among Emiratis, Arabs, Indians and other Asians
  • Most popular in Sharjah with 95% reach and 10 hours of listening activity
  • A staggering 99% reach among high-net-worth individuals

Download the topline report and PwC’s Quality Assurance audit report for more information.

Click here for more insights from the Q4 2017 UAE RAM results.

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