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The Database: Young, Digital and Social—Connecting with Today’s Hispanic Consumers

2 minute read | September 2018

Episode 15

Hispanic consumers are young, digitally connected and socially engaged. For brands and marketers, connecting with this important and growing consumer segment requires action now. And tapping into technology and community values will play a big role in how businesses engage with Hispanic consumers today and in the future.

The average age of Latinos in the U.S. is just 27. For comparison, the average age of their non-Hispanic White counterparts is 42. Due to their young age, Hispanics are driving the majority of population growth in the country even though they make up just 18% of the population. And while their median household income is $50,000 today, that number should increase steadily as this segment gets older and grows in their careers.

For brands looking to connect with these increasingly powerful consumers, online is the way forward. Latinos’ young median age means many have grown up as digital natives. As a result, they’re more likely to use technology than other segments of the population. According to our latest report, Hispanics 18 and older are 9% more likely to own a smartphone, 11% more likely to own a game console, and 13% more likely to own a smartwatch than non-Hispanic Whites.

The good news is that, as Latinos are embracing technology faster than any other consumer group, they’re using their devices and apps, along with social media, to engage with brands that embrace their values and communities.

This episode of The Database explores who today’s Latinos are—their demographics, language preferences, technology use and how brands can engage with them authentically. In addition, we explore the role of data in connecting with Hispanic consumers.

Our guests in this episode include Stacie deArmas, VP of Strategic Initiatives and Consumer Engagement at Nielsen; Norelie Garcia, Head of Corporate Communications for AT&T Latin America’s Vrio division and a member of Nielsen’s Hispanic Latino Advisory Council; and Andrea Pimienta and Kelly Castellon, co-leads of our Hispanic Organization of Leaders in Action, also known as HOLA.

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