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Top-100 Advertisers: Blokker, Albert Heijn and Procter strongest climbers

2 minute read | May 2019

Every year MarketingTribune and Nielsen put together the Top-100 Advertisers. This provides an annual analytical overview of the media spending of all major advertisers. Remarkable names are in the new top 3 with the biggest climbers.

The general picture of the Top 100 is that total media spending has increased due to increased use of television and online and to a lesser extent due to increased use of outdoor activities. Spending on television increased by more than 13%, on online by 16.6% and OOH by 10%. The largest decrease can again be seen in print: the general public magazines shrink by more than 14%, the decrease in the trade magazines is 9% and the daily newspapers are losing 5%.


No major changes are visible in the Top-100 Advertisers. KPN is back in the top 10, the telecom group has reduced its media budget in recent years, but is now spending more on media again. Blokker’s position is striking – from 113 to 22 – while the company is not doing well. Also striking: Procter & Gamble is almost as big as Unilever on television. For a long time, Unilever was by far the largest advertiser on television.

Neck to neck race P&G and Unilever

The Top 25 Advertisers on Television shows that Unilever and Procter are closely following each other when it comes to spending. Albert Heijn and Jumbo (places 3 and 4) also hardly differ from each other. Lidl follows in 8th place.

When it comes to spending on radio, the Renault car brand remains the absolute king in first place, followed by T-Mobile and Watson. In the Top 25 Advertisers Online, Coolblue is and remains the absolute number 1, followed at a great distance by the remarkable riser Baxshop.nl and Renault.


In the Top 100 Brands (ie not advertisers) – with total media spending – it appears that the big 3 in supermarket land, Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl, together with Kruidvat, make up the top-4. In addition to the remarkable advance of Blokker, this top also includes the arrival of Hyundai from place 65 to 21 and the increase of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport from place 98 to 34.

A lot more media budget

The top 3 biggest climbers in the past year were led by Blokker (increase from 113 in 2017 to position 22 in 2018 with more than 33 million euros extra budget); Albert Heijn is in second place (from 4 to 3 with an extra budget of 23.4 million euros) and in third place is P&G Netherlands (same position this year as in 2017, but in 2018 with an additional 22.2 million euros in media budget).

This article was originally published in Marketing Tribune No. 5 of March 12, 2019.

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