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Nielsen and Google Drive Unprecedented Advertiser Value Through Marketing Mix Modeling Program

3 minute read | October 2018

Collaboration between data measurement provider and digital leader reaches new milestone

New York, NY – Oct. 10, 2018 – Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) hit an important 18-month milestone as one of the inaugural members of Google’s Marketing Mix Modeling program, reporting impressive return on investment (ROI) success metrics for its work with Google data. More than a year into the partner program, Nielsen and Google have made significant progress in paving the way for improved measurement of the impact of digital ads. The results speak for themselves, as clients like Mondelēz reap the benefits of these powerful marketing insights.

Since being selected as an initial member of Google’s Marketing Mix Modeling Partner Program in April 2017, Nielsen has been able to power over 700 marketing measurement studies globally with Google data. By leveraging data that is fed directly from Google’s Cloud Platform, this analytic alliance has provided a more comprehensive view of marketing spend outcomes across Google products, such as Paid Search, Display and YouTube, to help advertisers make more granular and faster data-driven decisions about how to spend their marketing dollars.

The power of Nielsen’s work within Google’s Partner Program has already been felt far and wide throughout the industry. “Nielsen has been integrating data from Google into the marketing mix studies they do for us across 50-plus brands in 20 different countries,” said Sebastian Brusilovsky, Associate Director of Global Marketing Analytics at Mondelēz. “The granularity of the data has enabled us to understand the impact of our advertising efforts on Google at a deeper level, enabling us to determine the best tactics to drive higher ROI.”

CMOs and marketing executives lean on marketing mix models to evaluate the performance of their marketing spend. Nielsen’s industry-leading marketing mix solution offers advertisers a holistic understanding of what is driving sales. With rising investment in digital and mobile advertising over the past year, major digital players like Google have adopted marketing mix modeling as a critical tool to ensure advertisers can accurately measure the ROI of their digital investments and confidently understand the digital drivers of ROI to improve returns year-over-year.

“With almost a year and a half invested into our participation in the partnership program, Google and Nielsen have made strides in enabling advertisers with deeper, consistent digital insights and becoming catalysts for change in the analytics industry,” said Raj Hosahalli, VP of Global Analytics at Nielsen. “As a leader in marketing ROI measurement, Nielsen is constantly driving toward improved data, technology and insights. We are ahead of the curve and breaking new ground for the other measurement companies who have since joined the program. To leverage accuracy and speed, we are working to have all of our marketing mix modeling studies globally source data directly from Google. We are jointly innovating to refine existing measurement techniques and demonstrate best measurement practices to the industry. We look forward to sharing more exciting news and success stories in the coming months.”

In addition to its work with Google, Nielsen continues to develop partnerships with major platforms and publishers to ensure the most comprehensive and robust measurement.

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