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Nielsen to fuel open innovation through data integration with EDO

4 minute read | June 2023

Arrangement intends to connect Nielsen’s audience measurement with EDO outcomes measurement to improve campaign performance and efficiency

NEW YORK (June 20, 2023)Nielsen, a global leader in audience measurement, data and analytics, announced today that it intends to make its Nielsen ONE audience measurement data available as an input to EDO’s predictive outcomes solution for mutual clients. Similarly, EDO intends to make its outcomes measurement data available as an input of Nielsen’s Media Impact planning software for mutual clients. The combination of these two powerful datasets will allow media buyers and sellers to seamlessly plan and optimize their convergent TV campaigns in a single, streamlined view of ad measurement with the goal of unlocking more value out of convergent TV investments. 

The integration will join Nielsen’s currency-grade National TV measurement, including its Live Streaming measurement, with EDO’s robust Convergent TV database, which covers cross-category streaming ad airings and every national TV ad airing since 2015. The result will give mutual Nielsen-EDO customers a more accurate and reliable set of analytics to inform their media investments.  

In a later phase, Nielsen intends to integrate EDO’s predictive outcomes data into Nielsen ONE Ads, providing clients with the end-to-end ability to plan, measure, and optimize campaign performance. 

“For a century now, Nielsen has provided great value to the industry with measurement data made available through our own products,” said Deirdre Thomas, Chief Product Officer at Nielsen. “With EDO, we are taking the first step towards extending that same value beyond our own tools and allowing the power of our audience measurement to be integrated alongside other datasets and enhance other applications. We believe this interoperability will drive the next era of impactful, responsive media and advertising planning.”

“We’ve been working with Nielsen and EDO on outcomes based measurement and it’s a great step forward for our industry to see them join forces. As a premier alpha partner in Nielsen One’s new integration with EDO, we look forward to seeing a solution centered around performance,” said Rita Ferro, president Disney Advertising. “At a time where the industry is focused on the next best currency, Disney remains focused on expansion and what really matters to advertisers.”

The combined datasets will be available for Linear planning in 2023. Linear and Connected TV planning and measurement will be made available in 2024.

“WBD has an unparalleled array of premium programming and audiences across streaming and linear, demanding innovative measurement solutions that can reflect our quality and scale,” said Jon Steinlauf, Chief U.S. Advertising Sales Officer, Warner Bros. Discovery. “By integrating Nielsen and EDO data into a unified view, WBD can be that much more effective at helping brands achieve optimal reach, frequency, engagement, and business outcomes.”

“For years, our clients have manually combined Nielsen reach and frequency with EDO predictive outcomes to get the most out of their investment decisions and campaign plans, but the complexity of a streaming and linear landscape demands better solutions,” Kevin Krim, CEO and President of EDO. “Data-driven software tools – powered by the best signals – are the clear answer. By connecting these critical datasets in both our platforms, we are offering a multi-dimensional view to meet the needs of Convergent TV.”

“The Convergent TV marketplace needs increased collaboration across the board to solve complex measurement challenges that seem to evolve by the day,” said Sean Corcoran, U.S. CEO at Mediahub Worldwide. “We applaud Nielsen and EDO on a creative solution that minimizes complexity for brands and their agency partners, helping us plan and optimize high-impact campaigns with ease.”

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