Nielsen Local TV View (NLTV)

Nielsen Local TV View (NLTV) is an online tool that allows users to analyze viewing within and across the 210 Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Users can create custom trade areas to analyze a target audience, as well as sub-sample their audience by a variety of characteristics.

Duration: 4 min. No Prerequisites.

New to NLTV? Watch this video first. This video highlights three main areas of the Nielsen Local TV View (NLTV) software: Report Manager, Report Builder and Report Viewer.


This document is the latest list of the NLTV data release dates grouped by Report Type.

This document provides definitions for the metrics and other items.

This document provides a time zone adjustment example and a grid of feed patterns.


This document describes all of the reports available in NLTV..

This document covers the steps for creating a Time Period Custom Analysis report.


This document describes the digital characteristics for LPM Markets.

This document describes the Households and Persons characteristics applicable to LPM geographies, the Households characteristics applicable to Set Meter geographies, and the characteristics applicable to RPD+ geographies.


Learn how to set up an NLTV report to automatically run with the NEW NLTV Auto-Run feature.

This document covers how to read the Length of Tuning (L-O-T) Analysis.

In addition to the stations and cable networks available for selection to NLTV, users can also elect to report on data for the viewing buckets described below.

This document covers how to read the Viewing Household Analysis.

This document covers how to read the Promotion Optimizer report.

This document covers how to read the Minute by Minute Flow report and provides definitions for terms used in this report.

Learn how to create Only Only Both Triplication using a Time Period report.

This document covers how to read the Quarter-Hour Flow report and provides additional information about the report.

Reach and Frequency

This document covers how to read the Reach and Frequency reports including Schedule Detail, Reach and Frequency, Frequency Distribution, and Only Only Both.

This documents details instructions for exporting schedules. It also shows how to import schedules into NLTV as well as importing from Nielsen Ad Intel outputs.

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