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Branded Integrations Come of Age in a Streaming World

1 minute read | March 2021

Branded integrations in subscription video on-demand (SVOD) programming don’t just provide brand exposure in an ad-free environment. They reach audiences that traditional TV typically doesn’t. Overall, SVOD programs tend to reach lighter viewers of traditional TV, which makes the incremental reach of SVOD significant. For example, in a four-week study period, we found that 19% of the combined total audience exposed to both the Netflix program Cobra Kai and linear TV programming featuring Coors ads only watched Cobra Kai

In addition to providing incremental reach, product placements and branded integrations provide advertisers and agencies with a modern way to integrate brands into the burgeoning streaming realm. While there’s little doubt that including a brand in a program has an impact, zeroing in on the value of the exposure has historically been challenging. But that’s no longer the case.

By leveraging an equivalized and valued branded integration methodology, we can calculate the relative value of branded integrations within SVOD programming, a true benefit for content creators, advertisers and agencies seeking to stay ahead in the quickly evolving streaming space. 

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