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Hyper-connectivity: the new reality that the industry will have to face

1 minute read | July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how everyone perceived the world around us. New habits formed around technology as connectivity gained speed, turning hyper-connectivity into a common word to describe our daily digital environment interactions.

In a context where consumers’ attention is being disputed by the nanobit, it’s imperative to know how and where to connect and to empathize with consumers locally and globally .

Brands, advertisers and marketers are challenged everyday to build meaningful relationships that last more than the scrolling down. That’s why professionals are pushed to mine all data available to find valuable information to know exactly who is your audience: what they do and how they behave.

The problem, of course, is the journey, because as the ride goes on it becomes more and more unpredictable, fragmented and highly contended.

How is this intense journey for Puerto Ricans? Check out a video with major findings of Puerto Rico Audience Trends and Behavior in terms of what and how they consume content in 2021, whether watching, reading or listening. Learn what is happening today to prepare yourself for tomorrow!


Source: Nielsen Scarborough Puerto Rico l Release 1, 2021

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