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TV ad views for food, household chemicals and cosmetics have risen

4 minute read | January 2016

Spending advertising of daily spending consumables has increased by twenty percent, and audience has also increased

  • Ads for sweets, spirits and dairy products have received outstanding views on the screen
  • “It is becoming more and more perceptible that our food retail has recovered from the crisis. In addition to more active advertising, store sales continued to rise” – Ágnes Szűcs-Villányi, Nielsen

Budapest, January 29, 2016 – Companies spent 20 percent more on domestic TV ads for food, household chemicals and cosmetics last year than a year earlier, at list prices. Views also grew: On-screen advertising for daily consumer goods achieved a 7 percent higher GRP than last year. Among other things, Nielsen Közönségmérés Kft. states this.

Because an ad can reach multiple viewers more than once, the amount of the GRP metric may exceed 100 percent. In counting, they add up the audience reached by each broadcast of the ad.

Advertising for food, household chemicals, and cosmetics accounted for 33 percent of the GRP of the entire television advertising market last year, up from 31 percent a year earlier.

Among the advertisements broadcast on Hungarian television channels, most of the GRPs of the daily consumer product groups were achieved last year by the following: sweets, spirits, dairy products, non-alcoholic thirst-quenching drinks, perfumes, cleaning products, hair care and body care products.

In terms of food, the list leader on the GRP table is beer, followed by custard / milk-based dessert, as well as sliced chocolate, carbonated soft drink and sweet biscuits / wafers.

In the case of household chemicals and cosmetics, most of the total GRP in the product group went to toothpaste, which precedes, among other things, face cream, shampoo, perfume / cologne and dishwashing liquid.

As for advertising spending, companies spent 20 percent more on TV ads for daily consumer goods last year than last year. Thus, Nielsen Közönségmérés Kft. Registered HUF 303 billion for 2015 at a list price (excluding discounts).

Last year, the list price of food was HUF 165 billion, which is 27 percent more than a year earlier. At the level of list prices for television advertisements for household chemical goods and cosmetics, the level of list prices increased by 12 percent compared to the previous year, reaching HUF 138 billion last year.

Food companies are also connected. Last year, HUF 88.6 billion was spent on TV commercials in their stores at list prices; which is 33 percent more than the previous year. Their GRP rose 15 percent.

“It is becoming more and more perceptible that our food retail is recovering from the crisis. In addition to the more active advertising activities of the companies, the turnover of the store continued to increase. 4% of food, 6% of household chemicals and cosmetics, based on data from the last twelve months, ”informs Ágnes Szűcs-Villányi, Head of Nielsen. “At the same time, Nielsen’s consumer confidence index has risen quarter on quarter, according to recent surveys. As the indicator of the outlook for consumers’ personal financial situation and their willingness to buy has broken several-year records among the components of the index, demand is expected to develop positively this year as well ”.

In 2015, the total population spent an average of 4 hours 46 minutes a day in front of TVs; three minutes less than a year earlier. The daily ad viewing time per person was 26 minutes. During that time, one person saw an average of 89 television commercials.


Nielsen Audience Measurement is the only one in Hungary to perform instrumental television audience measurement. Nielsen Audience Data provides a “common currency” for television companies, agencies and advertisers on a daily basis based on an independent and transparent system. The independence, professional reliability and credibility of our company’s audience measurement has been confirmed by several different, independent evaluations and audits.

Gross Rating Point (GRP) shows how many contacts were reached by the target group of the advertisement. The sum of GRP metrics can exceed 100 percent, as advertising can reach a viewer more than once. In its calculation, Nielsen researchers add up the audience reached by each broadcast of the advertisement.

Information on food retailing summarizes the results of retail research conducted by Nielsen, Hungary’s leading consumer information and knowledge provider. Retail Research, based on surveyed data from electronic and traditional retail units from retail chains, provides an objective picture of key market metrics and trends. The Retail Index provides an overview of the daily consumer goods market on a bi-monthly, monthly or even weekly basis.

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