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Understanding the Importance of People-Based Data in a Cookieless World

2 minute read | April 2021

Amid the many challenges marketers have faced over the past year amid the pandemic, one industry-altering one still looms in the distance: a world without third-party cookies. Without cookies, marketers will need to re-assess the sources and quality of their data to establish and maintain relevant relationships with consumers. Quality first-party data will be critical, but it won’t be enough on its own. 

And as connectivity and digital interactions increase, new data sources will continue coming online. Importantly, however, brands often focus on data sources that highlight an action at the end of a customer journey, such as a purchase or interaction with a web page. As marketers begin thinking about the entire consumer journey rather than just an end point, they will need data about what consumers are doing when they aren’t directly engaging with the brand. That’s where people-based second- and third-party data partnerships can help. To understand more about the role of real people in a marketing world without third-party cookies, we spoke with Furqan Hanif, VP, Digital Product Management, who provides additional insights into how brands can use data to stay relevant with consumers when third-party cookies are no longer an option.


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