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Webinar: The Power of The Creative | Reconciling the Spoken and Unspoken

1 minute read | May 2015

With all of the time and money you invest in your advertising, you want to be sure you are measuring its effectiveness accurately—from the creative itself to its in-market performance—and optimizing with impact. Can survey-based measures truly tap into consumer memories and emotion? What can we learn from neuroscience about how useful survey measures are to understand the unspoken?

In this webinar, Nielsen’s EVP Ad Effectiveness Strategy David Brandt helps explain the connections between neuroscience and survey-based approaches to measuring advertising effectiveness.

Topics include:

  • The different approaches that neuroscience and survey-based measures take to measure ad resonance
  • The relationship between what is measured at the brain level through EEG recordings and survey measures of memorability, emotive power and information power
  • How to use these different approaches most effectively in measuring ad resonance

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