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Live Draft: Connecting Marketers with Fantasy Sports Podcasts

4 minute read | August 2016

When fantasy football started back in the early 1960s, it was hard to imagine that it would grow to attract close to 57 million fantasy sports players 50 years later. Today, fantasy sports is a multi-million dollar industry across cities large and small, and podcasts are quickly becoming a popular forum for the latest fantasy news, especially with the start of U.S. pro football just weeks aways.

Much like holiday shopping, discussions about upcoming football seasons seem to start earlier every year.  In fact, some broadcasters start offering opinions and forecasts as early as June. And with the number of Americans who say they download a podcast once a month doubling over the past five years, fantasy sports specific content is a hot commodity when fans start thinking about the start of a new season.  

But who are the fantasy sports fans who listen to podcasts?

To help podcasters create win-win scenarios for their fans and marketers, Nielsen Scarborough examined podcast listeners who also engage in fantasy sports/football. At 62%, U.S. males between the ages of 18 to 49 make up the majority of fantasy sports podcast listeners. These listeners have an average annual household income of nearly $78,000, which is 8% higher than the average U.S. household.


Fantasy Sports Podcast Listeners (FSPLs) like to travel, as more than half (55%) say they’ve taken a domestic or foreign flight during the past year. While this is similar to the average podcast listener, FSPLs fly more frequently. In fact, almost one-quarter (22%) have taken four or more domestic round-trip flights during the past year.  Whether they’re travelling for business or pleasure, they’re 62% more likely than the average podcast listener to have taken 10 or more domestic plane trips during that period. FSPLs are 148% more likely to have taken 10+ personal/vacation trips and 26% more likely to have taken 10+ business trips in the past year. Travel and hotel discounts have a strong influence on their choice of where to travel and stay, as almost three-quarters (73%) agree on their importance.  


But airplanes aren’t the only mode of transportation that stand out for FSPLs; one in 10 live in a household looking to buy a new vehicle in the next year, and FSPLs are 31% more likely than the average podcast listener to be planning a vehicle purchase. Four wheels aren’t their only focus, as almost one in 10 live in a household with a motorcycle, and FSPLs are 107% more likely than the average podcast listener to be planning to buy a motorcycle in the future. Affordability is  a key motivator, as 59% say that rebates and incentives have a strong influence on their purchasing decisions. As the 2017 models start arriving at dealerships, well-executed campaigns must feature enticing rebates to reach and engage FSPLs.  


Who can discuss fantasy sports without a draft of a different nature and buffalo wings at the center of it all? Three-fifths of FSPLs 21+ have drank a beer during the past month and they are more likely to consume more domestic light/regular, import and microbrew beers than the average podcast listener. But beer isn’t the only standout in the alcoholic beverage category. They are 32% more likely than the average podcast listener to drink whiskey, with 32% saying they have enjoyed whiskey during the past month. The majority of these whiskey drinkers prefer bourbon.  

And you can’t have drinks without food, and FSPLs like theirs fast. Almost all (93%) have visited a quick-service restaurant (QSR) in the past month, with 40% saying they have visited QSRs 10 or more times.  Sit-down restaurants aren’t far behind, with 83% having visited as well. Like the average podcast listener, FSPLs prefer Chinese, Mexican and pizza, but they’re 45% more likely to have visited a sports bar and 31% more likely to have visited a steak house during the past month than the average podcast listener. Fantasy game tie-ins and the promotion of draft friendly sit-down restaurant locations allow both QSR and sit-down restaurants to gain big yardage and attract more FSPLs.


Success comes when you put together the right team with the right game strategies. Podcasts are becoming more influential among consumers and can influence consumer spending. Whether you’re a travel company promoting winter getaways, a car dealership introducing the 2017 models or a restaurant trying to bring in new guests during game day, podcasts can be a medium that delivers new and spend-ready audiences.  

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