Advertising in the Age of COVID-19

Advertising in the Age of COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced immediate, far-reaching lifestyle shifts for American consumers. In fact, it’s unlikely that consumers’ lives will return to normal in the near future.

And as consumers have adapted their media and shopping habits to manage their lives through the pandemic, those changes are likely becoming embedded as part of the new normal that will emerge as the country recovers.

Advertisers have experienced similar whiplash as much of the economy has come to a halt. Faced with uncertainty about the future, many companies are responding by trying to freeze all activity, from hiring to marketing. But stopping and cutting all activity can only persist for so long without dramatic downstream effects. Adaptation will be the key to survival, and the marketers who can begin to strategically evolve their approach to changing consumer behaviors now will be way ahead of the game when consumers find post-pandemic balance.